“Love Arm’d, Aphra Behn & Her Pen”

“It is a fascinating and informative piece,…a polished jewel, impressive…I enjoyed the show!” Peter Lathan, The British Theatre Guide

The Scene: A room outside Aphra Behn’s Bedchamber, Dorset Street, London

The Time: May 1682, Aphra’s last night with her live-in lover, John Hoyle.

Aphra smilingThe Plot:  As she prepares to leave him, the famous playwright Aphra Behn puts a curse on John Hoyle: he will have to remember everything about her.  This dramatic rendering of Behn’s turbulent life and times reconfigures her work into a dramatic confrontation, highlighting her conflicting emotions as she contends with sexuality, faithlessness, and disease.


Love Arm'd Productions - Karen Eterovich.